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Hogwarts Decorations

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The mastermind of the Hogwarts decorations is Elisabeth (Eli) Spaulding. She and her team of minions worked countless hours to bring Hogwarts alive at Holy Cross. The end result was nothing less than inspiring! Pictured above is Eli and I at the Sunday VBS set-up meeting, just before we begin to build. Tom Cooper, one of our excellent photographers, captured Eli sharing how we are going to execute her design on the left and my reaction on the right! Nuf said... :)
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We doubled down on decorations for this VBS. Normally, we decorate the sanctuary and so some more decorations in Turner Hall, our parish hall, on Thursday for the final Friday celebration lunch. For this VBS, we decorated the sanctuary with Hogwarts castle themes and we transformed Turner Hall into Hogsmeade for the entire week. It was a massive effort and the looks of wonder and delight on the faces of our campers was worth the effort!

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First step was to build rooms inside the room!
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Every camper received an hand turned wand from Mr. Olivander. Complete with lighting and sound effects!
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The dragon is really amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of hand placed felt scales all over it. A labor of love!
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Sanctuary and grounds

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Fawkes was pretty amazing!
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