Woodworking for Star Wars VBS

“How it’s made!”

Woodworking this year was not as intense as the crossbows. Still a considerable effort!

AT-AT Walker

Router Table and drill press and LOTS of legs!
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The bit being used here is a Whiteside Model UDC9112 Spiral Combination 1/2" SH X 7/8" D X 1-1/8"CL. It is really pricy, and a real workhorse!
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This simple jig ensured our volunteers got the foot glued in the correct spot.
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And ready for assemply!

Yoda Staffs

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Yoda stocks start as a stack of poplar 6/4 boards. Rip them square, and then take the to the jig to the right to to cut the taper on four sides.

The last step is round over the edges and route a groove with a core box bit. A little sanding and they are ready for campers!
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Ready for Campers!