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Toy Story Decorations

Toy Story Decorations

Tour Story Decorations were just amazing! Eli Spaulding, our creative director, really let her creativity go and she and her minions really made Toys come to life in the sanctuary this year!

The theme of the sanctuary decorations this year was Andy’s room.
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Huge playing cards and blocks, made from boxes.
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These bears flanked the altar on Sunday morning. Love their crayons!
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Etch, of course, was the source of film clips and slides shows for this VBS.
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My favorite decoration this year, the life-sized Slink dog!
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The poster to the left was drawn by our director of Art, Eli and colored by one of the campers, however, almost of the posters for this VBS were created by the children of the parish in the preceding year. (Our VBS’s require 12-13 months prep time!)

Alas, for my poor photo management, I can not seem to find picts of the posters the kids drew. You can just catch a glimpse of some of them in the train and Paddle Ball pictures above. We had dozens of posters drawn by the kids strewn all around the sanctuary for this VBS.

Turner Hall on Friday—The Pizza Planet

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The huge “Claw” machine.
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A close up of the toys anther the claw.
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