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Nemo Decorations

The theme in the sanctuary for the Nemo VBS is the under the seas of the open ocean. Each day the teens and their Art Director, Eli Spaulding, added another scene to the underwater decorations. Alas, I can not seem sot locate all the picts—yet! I do have some below.

The two drawings below by Eli flanked the wall on either side of the altar.
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Turner Hall on Friday—The Fish Tank in the dentist’s office

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Our fish tank theme would not be complete with out Darla tapping in the tank! Rich Patenaude, the master of cardboard, created our Darla. She was hung on the wall at the end of our parish hall. The picture really doe snot do her justice. The two small gold picture hanger are actually about an inch long to give you a sense of her proportions.